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Phase One Video Stars The People Behind Capture One Pro 8 Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

18 September 2014

In an unusual peek behind the scenes at Phase One, several of "the brainy PhD's and passionate photographers" who spent a year working on Capture One Pro 8 talk about their roles in the project. The short video also highlights the new features we reported in yesterday's Photokina story.

The video doesn't discuss it, but the migration tools from Aperture and Lightroom make this release of particular interest to photographers unhappy with recent decisions at Apple and Adobe.

Thom Hogan recently gave it a spin, noting:

I pointed the new program at one folder of my recent Africa images. If you can't read that box in the screen shot: "Generated 826 out of 3168 previews -- About an hour left." Ugh. This is on a souped up older MacPro, too. The number of Nikon-specific lens profiles is also somewhat limited at the moment: not a single one of the lenses I was using on my recent trip are profiled and can have automatic lens corrections applied. On the other hand, the range of options for dealing with and modifying the image have increased to the point where you probably don't need anything else unless you need to make edits at the pixel level and Phase One's color seems to be more spot on for Nikon bodies than Adobe's.

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