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Photokina Clippings: Two Clever Accessories Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

19 September 2014

We're taking the drone approach to covering Photokina 2014. No boots on the ground but aerial surveillance of the more important targets. Today we report on a couple of intriguing accessories at the show. This entry covers the Smart Flex L-Plate and the Lens Flipper from GoWing.


The Smart Flex L-Plate combines three functions in one compact L-plate:

  • Smart Rotate keeps the center of your composition in the center of your frame when you rotate the camera from horizontal to vertical orientation or vice versa.
  • Smart Balance slides the camera forward or back to balance it over your tripod regardless of how heavy a lens you've mounted.
  • Smart Pano allows you to set the nodal point of the camera over the tripod's axis for panoramic shooting.

Here's a short demo of all three functions:

Designed by Sunshine, made in the Netherlands by Combo, the clever bracket is available at Krung Siam Enterprise Co..

Notes: Luminous Landscape's Kevin Raber said, "I have had the opportunity to use this plate in a field and it does a great job. No more unmounting and re-mounting to go from horizontal to vertical. Very slick device."


The $89.95 Lens Flipper is a double-sided locking lens cap with either a shoulder strap or a belt clip (expected early next year).

Not only does the Lens Flipper make it easy to carry a second lens, but it's also something of a third hand when you want to change lenses to make it easy to swap out lenses. Here's a demonstration of the Lens Flipper in action:

The Lens Flipper is available directly from GoWing in Canon, Nikon, Sony A or Sony E mounts.


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