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22 September 2014

When we started Photo Corners in 2012 after leaving Imaging Resource, we wondered just what kind of traffic we would have. Our ISP offered a number of tiers so we picked one we could live with for a while.

Hitting the Ceiling. We will have served more pages this month than ever before -- rarified air.

And we have -- until this morning when ever-vigilant ISP emailed a warning to us:

Bandwidth usage trends on your account indicate that you may exceed your monthly bandwidth quota. At the end of the month if your total bandwidth usage exceeds your quota you will be billed for the additional usage.

A quick look at our server stats, which we monitor daily anyway, shows that we will almost certainly serve more pages (whole stories) this month than we ever have before.

Of course, expansion means it costs us more to operate 'Photo Corners.' And we'd appreciate your help with that.

That's good news, of course, and we aren't complaining.

Before we incur the costs of jumping up to the next tier, though, we thought we'd see if we could make an adjustment or two to avoid overrunning our quota. In fact, if we do happen to hit our quota, access to the site would be temporarily suspended to protect us from those additional charges.

You wouldn't like that and neither would we.

So this morning, we moved our August stories to the 2014 Headlines page a week early. That cuts our Headlines page down in size and may keep us under the limit.

As you can see from this story, we don't intend to publish fewer images or shorter stories or fewer links. We're not looking for ways to make Photo Corners less useful.

But we don't expect a little fiddling to circumvent our success either. We fully expect to make the jump up a tier shortly. Just not this month.

Of course, expansion means it costs us more to operate Photo Corners. And we'd appreciate your help with that. You can support this site by subscribing, affiliate shopping or sending a one-time donation.

Thanks for both your interest and your help.

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