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22 September 2014

Nikon has announced its 2014-2015 schedule of classes for its Nikon School program. The new curriculum features 50 classes in 25 locations with more variety and a more interactive experience tailored to both beginners and enthusiasts.

New subjects to be covered in the full- and half-day seminars include:

  • Travel and Landscape ($99): Explore different qualities of light and learn how to use it to your advantage. Find out what techniques and accessories help create more rewarding travel photographs and get advice on planning for a trip and what to pack.
  • Creative Lighting ($99): Learn about the role light plays in photography, how to better use and augment available light and how to create a variety of light scenarios with the use of flashes to create everything from natural, well-balanced to highly stylized images.
  • Action and People ($99): Learn important skills like anticipating action and reaction, overcoming poor lighting, choosing the right lens and camera settings for the moment, using light, background, depth of field and exposure.
  • Video Production ($99 to $599): The $99 half-day seminar introduces basic HD-SLR video shooting techniques and principles while the $599 two-day seminar explores camera movement techniques, effective lighting for video, how to select the right accessories, how to capture the best audio interviews and more.

Those join the Elements of Photography ($159) and Basics of Exposure and Camera Controls ($159), as well as a Mom's Night Out ($49.95) class.

For more information visit the Nikon School Web page.

The New And Enhanced Nikon School Program Aims To Educate And Inspire Photographers Of All Levels

New Courses and New Locations Offer Wide Variety of Topics, Focusing on Specific Photography Styles or Techniques and Video Capture

MELVILLE, N.Y. -- Nikon Inc. has announced the upcoming schedule for its new Nikon School program, which will now feature a wider variety of classes and a more interactive experience for photographers of all levels from beginners to enthusiasts. Held across the United States, Nikon School educates and inspires photographers, with classes for anyone who wants to take their photography to a next level, both creatively and technically.

This year, Nikon School will offer a greater variety of classes targeted toward an individual's specific photographic passions. The new courses focus on specific styles and techniques and include Travel and Landscape, Creative Lighting, Action and People and Video Production. Realizing attendees' busy schedules, full-day and half-day sessions will now be available to make classes more accessible for photography lovers nationwide. Additionally, Nikon School will now be structured as a more visual and interactive learning experience for students, with more enhanced content that demonstrate how to get the most out of a camera. Accredited instructors will incorporate live demonstrations and encourage students to let their creativity shine.

"From parents to grandparents, hobbyists to artists, to people who just love to create and share images, photography is becoming more popular; the aim of Nikon school is to help people get the most from their cameras, while implementing fresh ideas to help educate and inspire photography lovers everywhere," said Mark Suban, Senior Manager, Nikon Professional Services at Nikon Inc. "Whether an amateur photographer is looking to upgrade from a smartphone or an enthusiast photographer interested in advancing a skillset, Nikon School offers a class that can help anyone achieve their photographic dreams."

Nikon School will host more than 50 classes from September 2014 to June 2015 in 25 locations nationwide. The programs are taught by six instructors, all of whom are recognized as experts in the industry.

To get more information on Nikon School or access to the most updated schedule, please visit:

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