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23 September 2014

Tablets have proven to be indispensible windows on our work, whether it's working with images or just reading text. But propping one up is always an adventure. iStabilizer hopes to end the drama with its $99.95 tabArm, an 11-inch stainless steel articulated arm that clamps onto the tablet and has fittings to attach the arm to just about anything.

Here's a short video showing off the design:

The variety of connectors to mount the arm are impressive, including both male and female tripod mounts, a hot shoe mount and a clamp that includes several screw connections (both male and female).

That makes it possible to mount the arm on everything from tables to car seats, including tripods, of course.


Highlights of the device include:

  • Compatible with all 7 to 10-inch tablets
  • Compact 11-inch stainless steel friction articulating arm
  • Includes 1/4"-20 (normal tripod) and hot shoe mounts
  • Assembles in seconds without tools
  • Single-point, twist locking mechanism
  • Maximum weight load: 8.8 lbs.


The tabArm is available directly from iStabilizer for $99.95 and includes the 11-inch stainless steel articulating arm, tabMount, Clamp And Hot Shoe Adapter.

For more information, visit the Web site, Facebook and Twitter.

iStabilizer Announces Tabarm, First Friction Articulating Arm For Tablets

Mounts Tablets Ergonomically On Virtually Any Surface: Desk, Table, Tripod, Car, Etc.

PARK CITY, Utah -- iStabilizer has announced the iStabilizer tabArm, the first friction articulating arm for tablets. The tabArm brings out creativity in tablets by attaching them in any angle to virtually any surface: desk, table, tripod, kitchen, bedroom, car headrest and anywhere else in your office or home, allowing you a more comfortable viewing angle to use your iPad, iPad mini or other tablet hands-free in ways you never imagined.

Inspired By Movie Studios

Friction articulating arms are common in the movie industry to set up monitors in any angle while filming to allow directors to see what is being filmed without having to look directly into the camera lens. iStabilizer took this movie studio articulating arm concept and designed an arm specifically for tablets to allow users to be able to setup and rotate the device in any angle on any desk, tripod or other surface to easily manipulate and view the screen while on a secure arm thereby taking tablet use to a whole other level of creativity.

Ergonomic Viewing With Less Strain

Compatible with iPad, iPad mini, Nexus7, Nexus10, Kindle and other tablets, the tabArm includes the iStabilizer tabMount that mounts tablets to any standard tripod, a Clamp, Hot Shoe Adapter and 11" stainless steel articulating Arm (each of these items are also sold separately). The iStabilizer tabARM cradles the tablet while in your case and works with any standard tripod that uses the " thread. The included tabMount holds the iPad from side to side and the iPad mini from top to bottom. The tabArm holds up to 8.8 lbs and any tablet up to 8.25" (209mm) wide or tall.

The tabArm can be rotated in any angle for a variety of uses:

  • For videographers and photographers to take video or photos of an event or project
  • As a teleprompter for speeches and presentations
  • At work to keep an eye on your calendar
  • For video chats
  • For artists to paint or draw in a more comfortable angle
  • In the car to watch movies
  • As assistive technology for the handicapped
  • For doctors requiring hands-free access in the operating room
  • For musicians to view music and lyrics
  • At home in the kitchen to follow a recipe


  • Compatible with all 7"-10" tablets:iPad, iPad mini, Nexus7, Nexus10, Kindle and other tablets
  • Compact 11" stainless steel friction articulating arm
  • Includes 1/4"-20 and Shoe Mounts
  • Assembles in seconds -- no tools needed
  • Single-point locking mechanism
  • Mount expands to accept larger tablets, like the iPad and up
  • Expands to 8.25" (21cm) wide for smaller tablets, like the iPad mini
  • Up to 8.25" (21cm) tall
  • Maximum weight load: 8.8 lbs.

Pricing & Availability

Available immediately from iStabilizer, the iStabilizer tabArm is priced at $99.95 and includes the 11" stainless steel Articulating Arm, tabMount, Clamp and Hot Shoe Adapter. For more information, visit the Web site, Facebook and Twitter.

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