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6 October 2014

In the time it takes to play a ballgame, we made as few revisions to the site. The idea was to make it a little easier to scan the left-hand column and to set up a Slide Show page filled with thumbnails instead of text links.

You'll find the left column a little lighter (competing less with the list of headlines) with a little less typographical clutter. We removed the "More" links for example, in favor of linked section heads.

The section heads now include a Slide Show option so we could omit the "Friday Slide Show" precede in the Features section and collect the Shows in their own section. Just a little more efficient.

We also revised all the index pages those section heads lead to, dropping the link to the site's home page. We liked that so much, we carried it to other main pages (like the Archive). You can always get to the site home page from the Headlines page and any news story.

In sum, no big changes, but a new home for the slide shows and a left column that's little easier to read.

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