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22 October 2014

Some Aperture users who purchased the non-App Store version of Apple's pro image editing software are reporting that v3.4.5 won't open after updating their systems to Yosemite. Software Update doesn't show an update and Apple's Aperture download page has no solution posted. But there is a fix out there.

App Store purchasers received an automatic update via the App Store but disk-based purchasers have to do a little more work to get v3.6, which is the only version that runs under Yosemite.

As several users have reported today on Macintouch, the trick is to call Apple Support and ask to speak to an Aperture support rep. Let them know you do not have the App Store version and they should email you a direct download link to v3.6 and provide an App Store redemption code for the current version.

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