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23 October 2014

It took two years but today Pixelmator has come to the iPad. In a blog entry posted today, the company described the $4.99 app as "a groundbreaking image editor that gives everything you need to create, edit and enhance images."

In announcing the app last week in another blog post, the company said:

Pixelmator for iPad is a full featured, layer-based image editor that you can use to create, edit and enhance your images. It looks amazing. It is a real iOS 8 app. Also, it is so incredibly easy to use. Pixelmator for iPad has a fantastic true-to-life painting engine, incredible color adjustments, retouching tools, gorgeous effects, shapes, typography, selection tools, non-destructive layer styles and pretty much all of the advanced image editing tools that you will ever need.

If that's not enough, well, Pixelmator for iPad can work with Photoshop documents. Of course, it works flawlessly with Pixelmator for Mac via full iCloud support, via Handoff or whatever else you choose.


Among the highlights of Pixemator for iPad are these of interest to photographers:

Professional-grade color correction tools

  • Dramatically improve less-than-perfect images with a single tap or swipe
  • Choose from eight different color correction presets
  • Adjust levels, curves, brightness, contrast, and much more
  • Remove color cast and set the right white balance
  • Designed with friendly interface features for intuitive ease of use

Retouching tools

  • Correct wrinkles and repair scratches
  • Make flaws vanish from your photos, remove or re-arrange objects in a composition
  • Blur, sharpen, lighten, or darken specific areas
  • Get rid of the red eye effect with just one click
  • Distort or transform to subtly improve or give images a completely unexpected look
  • Combine different tools and effects for an endless number of ways to refine your images

Advanced image editing with layers and selections

  • Pixelmator is a complete layer-based editor
  • Quickly and easily select any part of an image
  • Edit and apply special effects to portions of your pictures
  • Select and remove unwanted elements
  • Cut and place objects from one image to another

Layer Styles

  • Instantly customize the look of your images, text, and shapes right when you create them
  • Easily add non-destructive layer styles like shadows, outlines, color, gradient fills, and much more
  • Change the layer style at whim until you get the look you’re after


  • Open and save images using PSD, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and many other popular formats
  • Open and save Photoshop images with layers
  • Send your images directly to the Photos app
  • Store and access images in iCloud Drive to open with other apps

The full list of features is available on the Pixelmator tech specs page.


In addition to the iTunes Preview and the overview available on the Pixelmator for iPad Web site, Benjamin Mayo has reviewed the app for 9to5Mac and Federico Viticci has posted 24 Hours with Pixelmator for iPad.

Mayo suggested the user interface "takes much inspiration from Apple’s iWork suite of apps." Retouching is brush based, he notes, "so you trace your finger over the affected areas to apply the effects." A Repair tool, that resembles Photoshop's Healing Brush uses the same code introduced in Pixelmator for Mac v3.2. The Adjust Colors command can set white balance with an eyedropper, adjust color temperature and tint and manipulate tone with a Curves tool, providing control that "is very competitive with desktop apps in terms of its feature set and I can see professional users download Pixelmator just for on-the-go color correction."

Viticci praised the app as something "Apple would make" and noted it "isn't a dumbed-down Pixelmator, which is great news for people who, like me, are using an iPad as their primary computer."


Pixelmator said, "Pixelmator for iPad is compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. For best performance, we recommend iPad 4 or later."

It's available now for $4.99 in the App Store.

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