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1 November 2014

October was a lot of fun around here. A big wedding, the World Series and Volume 3 Number 10 of Photo Corners, which we've just archived. Not surprisingly, they all folded nicely into each other, making life around here three times the usual fun.

OUR EDITORIAL count was 66 stories, including 23 feature articles (10 more than the month before), 20 news stories, 17 Editor's Notes (including 68 items of interest in our Around The Horn stories), three reviews and four Site Notes.

The Around The Horn stories provide a convenient bullet list of important stories we've come across, saving you the click-farm nuisance of a separate story for each item. They also allow us to expand your experience here beyond our single voice. They refer you to the people we respect and read.

Readership took a big leap. Each of our stories received double the number of hits of the previous month with the hottest story getting four times our previous high.

Our top story with double the hits of the second place finisher was our Aging A Photo With Exposure 6, in which we used Exposure 6 to simulate period shots through the lifetime of the San Francisco sundial.

But second place, with double the number of hits of our usual leader, A Piccure+ Test Drive. This is a new but powerful editing app whose sole focus is on correcting lens problems. We found it can dramatically improve our images and in A Discussion With Piccure+'s Lui we learned a little bit more about what it does and how to use it.

Our matinees remain popular with Wes Anderson and Ted Kinsman leading the way. That's Castello Cavalcanti from Anderson and Kinsman's high-speed and time-lapse science photography, about as diverse a pair as you can get.

We would be remiss, however, not to mention the Ray Metzer obituary ranked as our third top story last month. We're glad to see it, too.

READERSHIP took a big leap. Each of our stories received double the number of hits of the previous month with the hottest story getting four times our previous high.

We suspect our Alltop listing had something to do with that.

That obscured the decrease in traffic from blocking the Russian bot that pushed us over our bandwidth limit in September. No such problem this time. Real readers, real activity.

Some metrics like unique visitors and visits seemed immune to the bot inflation and remained constant. We have a loyal international readership with Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada leading the way.

THE SITE DESIGN got a little more attention, too. We grayed the navigational links to avoid competing with the photos on the Headlines pages and built a new home for the slide shows.

Our slide show links on the Features page were just text links. But we had created thumbnails for the new ones for the scrolling parade of thumbnails on the main page. So we thought a page of thumbnails would make a nicer presentation than a section of a page with text links.

So we built thumbnails for all the other slide shows and put them on our Slide Show page. We've fallen in love with it. The thumbnails are just small crops of one of the images in the show, just a hint, a sort of wink, that highlights some aspect of it. It's an editing challenge of its own, one we really enjoy.

And, as always, we hope you are enjoying Photo Corners, too. Like those little thumbnails, there's always a lot more going on here than immediately meets the eye.

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