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7 November 2014

We live in the world. And the world is paved with streets. And our doors face those streets. And we post what everyone passing should know as they approach. And sometimes that makes an amusing diversion.

We found ourselves back in Dogpatch the other day with some time to kill before returning to the bunker. So we walked around with our Nikon D300 and a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor with a polarizer. Raw captures only.

It was too early in the morning to think up a theme. We just walked around shooting what caught our eye.

But after a few blocks of casual shooting, we couldn't help noticing the mission statements tacked to front doors and other effusions of personality in the neighborhood. If you look closely, that is. And we had the time to look closely.

Here's our collection. Evidence of life in Dogpatch. Vibrant, amusing life.

Not a restaurant or Web 2.0 outfit portrayed. No venture capitalists. None of the big tweets you read about all the time. Just life in the world we live in.

When we got back to the bunker, we reviewed the images in Lightroom and picked a dozen for the slide show. But before we went any further, we launched Piccure+ and dragged over the DNGs of our picks for batch processing with the usual parameters: Quality+, Strong, slight Sharpening, De-Noising.

Half a Thursday Night Football game later, we had a set of TIFFs to import into Lightroom. We used the Upright Tool a good bit and fiddled with Exposure, Shadows and Highlights after setting Clarity. The usual dance.

With the image size reduction in Lightroom to 800p images for the site, we're not sure the Piccure+ enhancement is obvious. But it was worth it to us. The images are bit crisper, like the November air.

Invigorating, you might say. Like the subjects they depict.

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