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17 November 2014

Earlier today Apple released the first update to OS X Yosemite. Despite the Yosemite open beta, there were enough serious problems with the initial release that we waited for the first round of fixes before installing the upgrade.

Around here that was a five hour download and, well, it's still installing. And then we have the update to do plus a few application updates.

We've found no better way to endure a major system update like that than to tweak Photo Corners, we figured -- even though Ernie Kovacs was starring in Five Golden Hours on an obscure television station that advertises reverse mortgages, walk-in bathtubs, various prescription medications and legal actions involving other medical issues.

For a while now, we've really liked out fixed menu on the right side of the Headlines page. And we timidly had extended it to the other headline pages as well as the Archive.

And for just as long, we've been a little annoyed that we have to scroll down a bit to click on the Slide Shows or other section pages on the right side list of the most recent stories organized by section.

Why not use the fixed menu to navigate the current page a little easier?

We tried several variations (including navigating the whole site, hamburger style) before settling on the arrangement we've released tonight. There are a few quick links to the major pages at the bottom but the top is reserved for getting around the current page.

That really simplifies the Archive page, we're happy to say. That title bar navigation was going to run out of room eventually. And this solves that problem by reserving it for the 12 issues each year while the fixed menu lets you jump to any particular year. In two clicks you can get to any issue we've published.

The Section indices themselves get links to the other sections as well as the major pages. And so do the Bests and Classic Books pages.

We took nothing away, though, so you can still get to the Headline page by clicking that link on the top of each page. We did add the Archive link to all the Section pages, too.

Well, we had some time to kill.

Let us know what you think. We have a few long nights of updates ahead of us (MySQL, ImageMagick, etc.) so we don't mind a little more work if it makes life easier for you here.

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