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19 November 2014

We were catching up with a distant cousin at lunch the other day. She has been a pediatric nurse in a nearby hospital for over 30 years. And she had noticed something disturbing about modern parents.

"They ignore the baby," she told us.

We didn't believe her, of course. Ignore your newborn? "Why?" we challenged her.

"They're too busy setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account," she laughed. "They never look up from their smartphone."

Indeed, all happy families resemble one another that way. But what worked before you had kids doesn't fly when you do. Half the family gets your updates on Facebook and the other half gets a few emailed images that are always a bother and a lot of apologies.

Yes, Virginia, you can outgrow Facebook.

When that precious bundle arrives what you want is a non-exclusive venue to privately share your delight.

That's precisely what Tinybeans hopes to provide with its iOS and Android app and Web sharing site. The company wants to help you "record your child's precious moments, privately share with family and friends and discover ways to encourage your child's development."

Tiny Beans. Web account interface.

With Tinybeans, you create a daily journal using photos, videos and notes on your phone or tablet. The company automatically emails updates to your family and friends, who can view a slide show and add their own comments to the journal entries. You can also create a photo book on the site with matte art paper and an open-flat binding.

App Screenshots. Main display, Add Child and Activities.

For more information see the news release below.

Tinybeans Addresses Parents' Top Privacy Concerns

New App Elevates Private Sharing For Families

Tinybeans, the innovative private social network for families, has released its redesigned five-star iPhone app.

"Tinybeans is a safe place for parents to privately share all their children's moments and track milestones with a trusted network who will value them as much as they do. With our new app, we've made it even easier for parents to create a beautiful keepsake to treasure forever and share precious moments with loved ones in a secure and fun environment," said Tinybeans co-founder Sarah-Jane Kurtini.

To improve the way families record their children's lives, creating a daily journal of photos, videos and notes has been made even more user-friendly through a simplified design. Tinybeans will also automatically email regular updates to families, who can also comment on moments without owning a smartphone. There is also a new slide show feature that allows users to reminisce and enjoy treasured moments.

The new Tinybeans app maintains the company's mission of providing the most private and secure user experience, solving many universal privacy concerns that parents face with social sharing.

"Most new parents want to share their precious moments without worrying about security and privacy issues," said Kurtini. "We've created a solution where parents can confidently share those moments without worrying about third parties or uninvited friends accessing their content. We also solve the issue of overloading friends' news feeds with baby photos. Tinybeans parents tend to only invite those who will love all their precious moments as much as they do. There's no such thing as over-sharing to a grandparent who lives far away!"

A September 2014 poll of 1,500 Tinybeans users revealed several valuable insights:

  • 71 percent worry about sharing family moments on social media but only 36 percent refrain from posting.
  • 82 percent of these parents who don't post on social media cite posting being an invasion of their children's privacy as the reason for not feeling comfortable.
  • Over 50 percent worry about annoying friends when posting

For more information on Tinybeans, visit Tinybeans is available for free from Apple App Store and Google Play.

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