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26 November 2014

Ricoh has launched the Ricoh Engagement Forum where Pentax and Ricoh owners can discuss the company's products and exchange ideas.

The forum is organized into four main areas:

  • News and Announcements publishes Ricoh Imaging news.
  • In Gear Talk you can discuss current and vintage Pentax and Ricoh products.
  • Photographer Lounge hosts discussions about technique and style.
  • Photo Sharing allows feedback oandr critiquing your photography or submitting your image to a monthly contest.
  • Anything Goes is for general photography chitchat.

To participate, visit the Ricoh Engagement Forum.

Ricoh Imaging Launches Online Community for Pentax and Ricoh Advocates, Photo Enthusiasts.

New forum provides online community for users to discuss gear, tips and opportunities to win Ricoh and Pentax products

DENVER, Colo. -- Ricoh Imaging Americas Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of the new Ricoh Engagement Forum. The new forum provides a channel for photo enthusiasts to discuss Ricoh and Pentax related topics and exchange ideas. Launched earlier this month, the Ricoh Engagement Forum becomes the definitive online environment to discuss everything and anything Ricoh and Pentax.

Ricoh Engagement Forum offers a number of categories.

  • News and Announcements frequently publishes the latest news coming out of Ricoh Imaging. Learn about the latest product releases and the future direction of the company.
  • In Gear Talk you can discuss current and vintage Pentax and Ricoh products. Whether you have a support question or are considering purchasing a dSLR, this is where you can discuss all things Ricoh and Pentax gear.
  • Educational photography conversations happen in Photographer Lounge, where users can discuss their photography techniques and styles. Whether you are a studio photographer or specialize in landscape photography, this is where you can discuss photography with like-minded artists.
  • Photo Sharing is for all things show and tell. Whether you'd like feedback or critiquing on your photography or submitting your photograph to the monthly contest, photo sharing is your place to display your work.
  • Anything Goes is for general photography chitchat. Speak about other photography equipment and the future of digital photography.

Acting as an online community discussion, the Ricoh Engagement forum directs participants to a variety of categories with conversations driven by photographers like themselves. Active users are rewarded by their participation and will receive higher ranks within the community for engaging more, for example joining multiple threads, answering a question or posting a photo. Users can look forward to photo contests held monthly in the Ricoh Engagement Forum. The first contest theme will be "Holiday Greetings" and the best photograph voted upon by Ricoh Imaging employees will win a new Pentax K-S1 dSLR, released in August of this year. The holiday contest runs through Dec. 30.

"We are excited to provide our customers with the only definitive online source for all things Ricoh Imaging North America," said Brian McIntosh, Director of Marketing, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corp. "The Ricoh Engagement Forum offers an avenue for them to voice their opinions on our products, as well as share ideas and tips with Pentax and Ricoh users like themselves. I'm very excited to see our new online community launch and eager to see what our customers will bring to the community."."

To participate in the Ricoh Engagement forum, visit

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