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28 November 2014

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). With Black Friday upon us, we look at a few unusual shopping resources, including Think Tank Photo, Adobe, Red Giant, iStabilizer, Luminous Landscape, Adorama, B&H and KelbyOne.

Shopping Stampede. Fujifilm X10 at f3.2, 1/340 second and ISO 100 through glass.

  • Think Tank Photo takes 25 percent off its CityWalker messenger bag. When you order a rolling camera bag, you get a $44.98 Road Warriors Kit free.
  • Adobe takes 40 percent off Photoshop Elements 13, Premiere Elements 13 and the bundle. The Creative Cloud Photography plan ($9.99 per month) includes a free 3-month membership to KelbyOne's comprehensive training materials. Use our Amazon link to order.
  • Red Giant takes 40 percent off "every single Red Giant product sold at the site." Just use the coupon code found on the Red Giant website.
  • iStabilizer offers up to 80 percent off its most popular smartphone photography gifts: the flexible tripod, mount and 360 degree lens.
  • The Luminous Landscape takes 25 percent off its video catalog when you use the coupon code 25pcOFF_LL-BF. And the Luminous Endowment has a "special new and lower donation level of $200" that comes with a copy of Michael Reichmann's 20 year retrospective book.
  • Adorama conveniently lists Black Friday highlights on a Black Friday Photo Deals page.
  • B&H has also set up a Black Friday Specials page. You might also want to keep an eye on B&H's Daily Deal, too (the top banner in our Affiliates collection below).
  • KelbyOne includes the $149 Nik Collection by Google for free with a $149 annual membership, among other deals at that link.

While we're not a shopping site in any sense of the word, our affiliates below are offering Black Friday deals and we'd appreciate your support by clicking on their banner ads to shop:

Purchasing through our affiliate links helps us at no cost to you:

BH Daily Deal

Receive a FREE CAMERA BAG from Think Tank Photo
DAM Bookshop

More to come...

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