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5 December 2014

It's a lot easier to take photos with your mobile device than it is to manage them. So they accumulate like laundry. Enter Cleen, a free app that with three gestures will help you get rid of the stuff you don't want to keep.

Available for iOS, Cleen is designed for the iPhone but we found it worked just fine on the iPad. Look for it in the App Store under the iPhone Only listings.


Cleen looks at your albums so when you launch the app, it displays the albums it finds, reporting how many images in each are Favorites, with a thumbnail and a photo count.

Just tap on an album to select it and get to work.

Welcome. Three gestures.

Select. Pick an album.


Cleen recognizes just three gestures and you probably won't even have to learn them, especially if you enjoy speaking with your hands. When an image is displayed, you can:

  • Swipe Up to add it to your Favorites
  • Swipe Down to move it to the Trash
  • Swipe Sideways to pass

Simple, right?

Settings. Your mileage.

Working. Faves, Trash.

As you swipe, Favorites populate a parade of thumbnails at the top of the screen while trashed photos fill up the bottom of the screen. You can revisit an image by dragging it from the thumbnail parade to the main part of the screen.


Moving an image to the Trash doesn't delete it. You have to tap the Trash icon, which will display everything in the Trash with a Delete All button in the top right. Tapping that does delete all after you confirm that's what you want to do.

Those images can be recovered from the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app for up to 30 days.

Trash. Confirm.

Trash. Done.


With your discards discarded, you'll instantly feel like a better photographer. But you'll also be able to find things a bit faster than before. And you'll gain back a little of that precious storage space in your mobile device.

This little helper earns all four photo corners in our album. It does exactly what it promises in an intuitive way that's so quick and easy you can get through hundreds of images before exhaling.

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