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15 December 2014

When a storm moves in over the Pacific, we can't see the ocean from the dining room. But as it clears, we get some dramatic views, especially at sunset. We took 22 shots of the clouds moving across the Pacific Friday evening.

The End of the Storm. As another begins, we edit last week's captures.

We used Aperture Priority mode with the 18-200mm lens framed at 62mm and set at f8, its optical stabilization turned off because we were on a tripod. We shot at ISO 800 and 1/1000 second for no particularly good reason except we had a polarizer on the lens.

And we shot Raw, bringing the image into Adobe Camera Raw v8.7.1, primarily to bring out that patch of blue sky in the middle of the frame.

It's always hard to believe that above the storm where the planes are flying it's all blue sky. But once in a while you get a peek through the clouds that proves it.

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