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16 December 2014

Downpours woke us through the night but when we roused ourselves this morning, the sun was breaking through, casting a rose light on the storm clouds to the west.

We dashed down to the bunker to get a camera knowing these things do not last. While we were catching our breath, we unscrewed the polarizer and set the ISO to a more forgiving 400. No time for the tripod, we handheld at 1/125 second, which meant we were shooting at f4.8 with a focal length of 60mm.

We opened the DNG conversion in Adobe Camera Raw 8.7.1, adjusted the Clarity, boosted the Saturation a bit to reflect what we'd seen and applied the lens profile. That was it, really.

The rains will be back this afternoon, we're told. We'll be back then, too.

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