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14 January 2015

It may not be Downton Abbey, but for anyone interested in mastering the Herculean tasks of photography, the return of Olympus' Anywhere Classroom videos for a third season is exciting news.

Olympus Visionary Larry Price covers photojournalism, family vacations and portrait photography in this season's episodes:

For more information see the news release below.

Olympus Announces Anywhere Classroom Season 3

Olympus is proud to announce the launch of the Season Three Anywhere Classroom video series, an online photography class hosted by members of the Olympus Visionary program that inspires anyone from snap shooters to working professionals to enhance their photo skills.

In season three, now available at, Olympus Visionary and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Larry Price takes viewers on location in coastal Massachusetts to share his outdoor photography expertise.

All season three episodes can be viewed through the following links:

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