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3 April 2015

Eyefi has announced Capturing Urban Environments, a webinar with street photographer Eric Kim that will feature a 60-minute presentation highlighting tricks of the trade followed by a half hour question and answer period.

Kim's blog on street photography shares tips about shooting on the street and hosts other photographers to inspire his readers. In explaining his approach, Kim writes:

One of my visions when it comes to photography is the idea of "Open Source Photography," or making photography accessible to all. One of the things that I hate is the elitism that photography can often create, which makes photography more difficult for photographers from all skill levels and backgrounds to participate.

I want to tear down those walls and dedicate myself to sharing all of my insight, knowledge and information that I have learned about street photography (and photography in general) and share it with the masses. Join me on this journey and see where it takes me.

The webinar will be held April 20 from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. PDT and requires registration:


For more information see the press release below.

Webinar: Eric Kim Talks Street Photography

April 20, 3 p.m. PDT: 60 minute discussion and 30 minute Q&A

Capturing the emotion of a city or urban environment is a gargantuan feat.

That's precisely the goal of a street photographer, however; to scoop up all that grit, intrigue and energy into a single frame. Getting a memorable photo of a thriving metropolis may be challenging, but when it's successful, the results can be unforgettable. If you're fascinating by this artistry or aim to become a master urban photo enthusiast yourself, our next webinar is a must! Eric Kim, a street photographer who has become famous for telling visual stories of urban landscapes, will be our illustrious host. In Eric's 90 minute webinar, he will be discussing exactly how he's able to freeze frame such magical images.

On April 20th at 3 p.m. PDT, Eric will talk about the various nuances of street photography, how to spot the perfect urban environment for your photos, tricks for shooting images on the streets of a fast-paced city and many more related themes. The last 30 minutes will be a valuable Q&A session where participants can ask Eric anything they want about this modern-day art form.

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