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9 April 2015

DNP has updated Hot Folder Print Utility, adding support for the company's new DS620A and DS80DX printers as well as a new 4x6-inch multi-cut print option. Highlights of the new release include:

  • Duplex printing to the DS80DX printer, including with DNP's Mini Photobook software
  • Multi-cut printing support for 4x6 and 6x8 prints
  • 4x6x2-inch (multi-cut), 5x7 and 6x8 print sizes on six-inch printers
  • Eight-inch printers now support all sizes in addition to 8x10 and 8x12 prints

The 20.3-MB v2.1 update is available for download now. Hot Folder Print Utility is a Windows-only application.

For more information see the news release below.

DNP Releases Hot Folder Print Utility Version 2.1 With Support for New Flagship Printers

CONCORD, N.C. -- DNP Imagingcomm America Corp. has introduced Hot Folder Print Utility Version 2.1. DNP's Hot Folder Print Utility is an intuitive standalone print application that enables easy printing to DNP dye-sublimation printers. Version 2.1 now provides support for DNP's newly introduced DS620A and DS80DX printers as well as a new 4"x6" multi-cut print option.

"The Hot Folder Print Utility is designed specifically for use with our DS and RX series printers," said Katsuyuki Oshima, President of DNP Imagingcomm America Corp. "The latest update brings the full functionality of HFP to our new product introductions and enhances workflow productivity for photographers printing both onsite and in the studio."

HFP Version 2.1 now allows for duplex printing to the DS80DX printer and works in conjunction with DNP's new Mini Photobook software to easily produce double-sided prints. Multi-cut printing support has also been introduced with Version 2.1 to reduce media waste. Printers can now produce multi-cut 4x6" prints on 6x8" media.

Additional print sizes for DNP's six-inch printers (DS620A, DS40, RX1) and eight-inch printers (DS80, DS80DX) are also now supported in HFP Version 2.1. The update provides 4x6x2" (multi-cut), 5x7" and 6x8" sizes for six-inch printers and eight-inch printers now support all sizes in addition to 8x10" and 8x12" prints.

Hot Folder Print Utility Version 2.1 is available for download here:

For more information on DNP's photo printing solutions, visit:

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