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19 May 2015

Even when you are clinging to the side of a cliff with nothing but your fingernails, you are enjoying some measure of redundancy. More than one fingernail, that is.

Two Locks. Two locks, like two heads, are better than one.

Redundancy may, as the interest charges on your one prized purchase procreate, seem extravagant. But redundancy is a survival skill.

Things break. When you can least afford it.

This gate had a built-in lock. We didn't check to see if it still functioned. But the chain and padlock clearly do. And not just to keep intruders out but to keep any resident without a key inside, too.

Redundancy doesn't have to be useless duplication, as that chain and padlock demonstrate.

Putting your backup to work is also a good way to confirm it still functions.

We put our camera backup to work in this shot, in fact.

It was taken by a Nikon D200 with a Nikkor 35mm f2.8 lens that are still employed here as redundant gear but occasionally get taken out for a walk with us. Like this afternoon.

We shot in Aperture Priority mode using f8. ISO was 200 and the shutter speed 1/200 second. You're seeing a cross section of the portrait-oriented capture, which was a Raw file processed in Adobe Camera Raw and then in Piccure+.

Who says you can't have any fun clinging to the side of a cliff?

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