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27 May 2015

LaserSoft Imaging has released SilverFast 8 Printer Calibration, a $99 software package to create ICC profiles from test patterns printed on your printer and read by your scanner.


To use the new printer calibration software, you must have:

  • SilverFast Ai Studio 8.5 or Archive Suite 8.5
  • A supported flatbed scanner
  • An IT8 Target for Scanner Calibration

The calibration process, in brief, requires you to print the test target on your printer using the paper you intend to profile, let it dry and then scan it with SilverFast. The software knows the values in the target and compares them to the scanner's capture, much as it down for an IT8 target, and creates the ICC profile.

LaserSoft Imaging describes the calibration process in detail in a free 60-page PDF.


Traditionally, a spectrophotometer is used to measure the printer output and create the ICC profile. And there have been attempts in the past, not entirely successful, to substitute a less-expensive scanner. The scanner, however, can read more colors than a printer can print and, if properly calibrated itself, provide useful information for creating an ICC profile that should, theoretically, produce better results than not profiling the paper and ink combination at all.

That isn't to say, however, that the SilverFast solution would be better than a printer manufacturer's ICC profiles for its own ink and paper combinations. And the same for a paper manufacturer's ICC profiles for its papers on specific printers.

But when using unprofiled third-party papers, this approach should improve your results.


Current owners of SilverFast can get the printer calibration version as an upgrade starting at €49.

For more information see the information from LaserSoft Imaging below.

SilverFast 8.5 -- Printer Calibration

Output or printer calibration is very useful when the task is to reproduce an image via printer under the condition of keeping the colors and hues as original and predictible as possible. Without creating an appropriate ICC profile which takes into account the printer, ink cartridges and paper used, the task is almost impossible.

The SilverFast 8.5 Printer Calibration is an exclusive feature for calibrating the printer using a flatbed scanner, which is as appropriate for professionals as for beginners, due to its easy handling and its smart price-performance ratio.

How is the SilverFast Printer Calibration working?

The ICC Printer Calibration utilizes a flatbed scanner, its colors are perfectly adjusted with SilverFast's automatic IT8 Calibration, as a measuring device for profiling the printer. There is no longer the need for expensive additional hardware or software -- an all-in-one-solution.

Simply print a test chart using your printer and scan this chart with your IT8 calibrated scanner. SilverFast calculates an ICC profile for your printer and the paper and ink combination.

Requirements for SilverFast's Printer Calibration

  • SilverFast Ai Studio 8.5 or Archive Suite 8.5 for
  • A supported flatbed scanner
  • IT8 Target for Scanner Calibration

The results -- impressive!

Using printer calibration guarantees the color space reproducable by the printer is being used in the most comprehensive and uncompromised way. The employed ink and paper type has a noticable influence on the printed result. For consistent quality you can therefore create an ICC profile for any combination of different printers, inks and paper types.

Order your individual Printer Calibration right now as an option for your SilverFast Ai Studio 8.5 or Archive Suite 8.5:

  • RRP Full Version: €99
  • RRP Upgrade from €49

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