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31 May 2015

Over the weekend, Google released an update to Google Photos, John Nack published a couple of useful tips and we had a surprisingly delightful editing experience. Details follow.


Version 1.0.1 of Google Photos was released yesterday with the following improvements:

  • Speed and stability improvements
  • "Preparing backup" is now much faster

The free update is available from the app store of your choice.


Google's John Nack has passed along Aravind Krishnaswamy's tip on integrating Lightroom with Google Photos.

Krishnaswamy likes to be able to see all his photos whether in Lightroom or Google Photos on his phone when he has an internet connection. He uses Jeff Friedl's Folder Publisher plug-in "to auto publish to a Drive folder which then syncs to Photos."

Nack also explains in six steps how to give your friends photos. Not just share but send them a link to an album they can download.


Finally, we thought we'd share an interesting editing experience we had exploring Google Photos.

We picked an image to edit, tapping on the Pencil icon, used the Auto enhancement tool available from the Sliders icon and the Crop tool. We Saved the image, allowing Google Photos to modify the image, and quit Google Photos.

Which image had we edited? The one on our device or the one in the cloud? Or both, with the cloud version updated after a local edit? You don't really know what you're working on, but we suspect the latter.

So we launched Apple Photos, found our image and noticed it showed the Google Photos edits. So the local copy had been edited.

We tapped it and tapped the Edit button to go into the Apple Photos editor. To our surprise, we saw a red "Revert" option in the lower right corner. Tapping it allowed us to "Revert to the Original."

So we were able to remove the non-destructive edits we had applied in Google Photos using Apple Photos.

And, yes, it works in reverse, too, although it wasn't quite as direct to find Google Photos' "Back to original" option (next to the Save button), which reverted our Apple Photos changes.

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