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Facial Recognition Goes To The Dogs Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

3 June 2015

Facial recognition, it turns out, isn't just for identifying people in your photo collection. It can tell one dog from another, too.

A recent news report on KSBW in Monterey, Calif. spotlighted Finding Rover, an app that uses facial recognition to identify lost dogs. The free app runs on iOS, Android and the Web.

Just take a snap of your dog's face, identify its eyes and nose and upload it to Finding Rover's database.

If your dog becomes lost, the finder can do the same thing, taking a photo of your dog's face and sending it to Finding Rover, which does a facial recognition search and, if successful, shows the finder how to get in contact with you to return your dog.

Something to bark about, certainly.

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