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23 June 2015

In a blog post today, Instagram announced an all-new Explore page with "trending Tags and Places" and an improved search function in Instagram 7.0, available immediately in the U.S. for Android and iOS. The Explore feature will be released elsewhere "after we fine-tune the experience and set it up to work well in other countries," the company said.


The "reimagined" Explore page "now surfaces trends as they emerge in real-time, connecting you to events and conversations both near you and around the globe." With trending Tags and Places, you can experience moments like #fathersday from every perspective.

The top of the Explore page now displays "curated collections that will be updated regularly, featuring interesting accounts and places, from musicians and extreme athletes to stunning architecture and gorgeous beaches," according to the post.


Highlights of the improved search function, which is not restricted to the U.S. update, include:

  • Places Search -- You can now visit various locations, "allowing you to scout out your next vacation spot in the South Pacific, get a look inside that hot new restaurant or experience your favorite music festival."
  • Top Search -- You can search people, places and tags all at once.

Visit the Instagram Help Center's Search & Explore page for more information.

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