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13 July 2015

It's Monday. Back to work. You might cheerily wonder, "Who knows what the day will bring?" Or observe more sanguinely, as the lead character said in Kafka, "Why should today be different?"

West Portal Station. Inbound with enthusiasm.

As we were making our way into the Muni Metro station in our neighborhood about to miss the streetcar rolling inbound, we thought with renewed exasperation that today would again not be different.

After all, what had changed? Anything? Nope. Same old. So put your helmet on and get into the fetal position.

But then we saw that happy face emerge from behind the booth and just had to laugh (after we snapped the shutter). Today was already different.

Processing the image was different too.

We shot it with the Nikon D200 we are coming to think of as the replacement for the D300 we normal carry around. We shot it fairly wide at 22mm on the 18-200mm Nikkor zoom. Exposure was f8.0, 1/160 second and ISO 400. And, as usual, we converted to a DNG on import, skipping the JPEG rendering in the camera (which we have not once missed).

We opened the Raw file in Photoshop CC 2015, bringing up Adobe Camera Raw and made just a few tiny tweaks. Leveled it, increased the Clarity, restored the Shadows. That was it. Hit the Done button to open it in Photoshop.

Disaster. The display showed the Zumba image we resized last week for that photo contest mixed with our image.

Lloyd Chambers complained in Photoshop CC 2015 Rife With Bugs that the dual D700 GPUs in his 2013 Mac Pro were no longer supported and, worse, "the old fast code is gone."

We've noted a (ridiculous) problem or two in Photoshop CC 2015 ourselves. The Save for Web issue still makes us shake our head (but politely). And how we can still generate that Generator error (after launch once even) baffles us.

In software development, we seem to be seeing generational shifts (not just at Adobe) that resemble the old one-step-back-one-forward dance routine. You get a big update that breaks a lot of things and, gradually, you get the bug fixes.

We couldn't wait until then, though, for this image. So we opened it in DxO Optics Pro and got back to work.

Today really was different. At least in that regard.

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