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Nikon Announces New LCD Protective Glass Cover Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

25 September 2015

Nikon has announced the LPG-001, an LCD chemical-tempered glass cover for its D4S, DF, D810 and D750 dSLRs. A special introductory price of $39 is a savings of almost $11 from the list price of $49.95.

Features of the protective glass include:

  • Ultra-thin, chemically-toughened glass with an internal anti-shatter film prevents shattering into fragments
  • Fluorine-coated surfaces makes it water and oil repellant
  • Ninety percent transparency on all wavelengths

The LPG-001 is available for pre-order from Adorama and B&H. No estimated delivery date was given.

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