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8 October 2015

Earlier this week at Adobe MAX: The Creativity Conference, Adobe shared sneak previews of several innovative technologies currently in development. While none of these features are available in Adobe's current tools, these technologies often eventually do find their way into products.

Sneaks. Monument Mode removed the moving car.

Sneaks was co-hosted by writer, actor, comedian and woodworker Nick Offerman and Adobe communications manager and marathon swimmer Kim Chambers.


Following are three videos Adobe released from the event:

  • Monument Mode. Taking pictures of landmarks and sites can be difficult. The more popular the location the more likely it is people, vehicles and other objects will obstruct your view. Monument Mode uses a new algorithm to distinguish moving objects from fixed ones. One click and those obstructions disappear:
  • Perspective Dollhouse. Inspiration can strike anywhere and fortunately we carry devices that can capture those moments of inspiration as soon as they occur. But captured images can fail to reflect inspiring perspective, until now:
  • Project Faces. Can't find just the right font for your project? Why not just create it? Project Faces provides a new way to think about tweaking, adapting and creating fonts to reflect your message:


Other sneaked technologies Adobe revealed included:

  • Louper. Between subject, backgrounds, colors, style and more, finding the right search terms to locate the right image is a slow process. Louper rethinks image searches allowing for fast and efficient image selection and search refinement.
  • ByeByePhotobombs. Photoshop has provided photographers and designers with powerful tools to remove unwanted artifacts and distractions. Thanks to an artificial intelligence engine and lots of accumulated data, defusing photobombs could become a whole lot easier.
  • DeepFont. What do you when you see the perfect font but don't know its name? DeepFont is a smart font recognition system. Give it a picture of the desired font and it will help identify it.
  • MaestroMotion. There's always been a significant learning curve to even getting started with motion graphics. Project Maestro uses simple and natural touch to build beautiful and sophisticated movement on your tablet.
  • DesignWithData. Project Comet's sneak DesignWithData makes it easier to quickly drop in realistic sample content or get actual data from a file, Web site or from the cloud.
  • AudioRetargeting. Adjusting an audio recording to fit the video duration can be a manual and tedious process. But not with AudioRetargeting.
  • ExtractShading. Manipulating images realistically requires designers to pay careful attention to lighting and shading. If only there was a way to extract shading from an image so as to be able to use it in another image....

More information on these and all the other Sneaks can be found on the Adobe Conversation blog.

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