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Phase One Releases First XF Feature Update Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

21 October 2015

Phase One has released the first feature update for its XF medium format camera, which we reviewed with some enthusiasm in June for its "elegant and modular physical design enhanced with gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers under the control of a new camera operating system that promises a sophistication we just haven't seen before in any photographic tool."

The company demonstrated that promise with its update, the first of "many updates to come," it promised. Among the highlights:

  • Waist Level Focus Confirmation: With a newly-introduced HoneyBee AF, direct focus confirmation has been added to the exposure readout.
  • Hyperfocal Point Calibration: Use Capture One Pro to calibrate and save the hyperfocal point on each of your Phase One lenses. With the Hyperfocal Tool you can easily dial in each lenses perfect sweet spot for hyperfocal focus.
  • Seismographic Vibration Delay: Set your camera up to wait until the camera is absolutely still. The XF Camera Systems Seismograph Vibration delay will wait until the camera is absolutely still to capture your vision, ensuring that no camera shake will ever be introduced into the captured image.
  • BullsEye Level: Access this tool on the XF OneTouch UI to easily adjust the alignment of the camera system, using the XF Camera Body's three-axis accelerometer. The BullsEye Level tool will ensure the camera is perfectly set for special applications, such as architecture, panoramic stitching or landscape imagery.
  • Histogram on XF Grip display: The Histogram, being the most accurate and immediate representation of your captured data, is now available just after capture or on demand on the XF OneTouch UI.
  • Focus Step from Capture One on IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3: The XF Camera System now provides you with lens focus control directly from Capture One. Real-time results in Live View and complete control provide you with the ultimate in focus accuracy over your composition.
  • General stability and bug fixing: Various improvements to stability, reliability and accuracy.

As the video shows, though, the update includes some smaller but infinitely useful improvements like copyright entry using the touch screen.

Free to all Phase One XF system owners, the update is available now for download.

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