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27 October 2015

We don't lack for drama around here. This recent shot from Twin Peaks looks north at the Golden Gate. You can see the bridge poking into those fluffy white clouds if you look closely.

The Golden Gate. Clouds coming in this time, not fog.

We liked the clouds. So we wanted to compose the image in the camera to highlight them. They span two-thirds of the way into the shot with the bridge about center. That composition should suggest to you that they are coming into the bay and not leaving.

Happy with the composition, we wanted to tweak the image.

It was a Raw capture and as such was soft, as our original screenshot crop below of the lower left corner shows. We were working on it in Lightroom. But before we did anything, we sent it through the Piccure+ plug-in. That made a big difference.

Then we added a little Clarity, fudged the Shadows and Blacks and even kicked a little Dehaze into the image (but just a very little). That's what you see in the Final screen shot crop above, actually.

Our 700-pixel expanded image isn't enough to show the difference in detail between the two. But Piccure+ made a dramatic improvement.

Now if it could only make it rain.

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