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2 November 2015

We got our wish. A storm rolled through today. At sunset, this was all that was left of it. A dark cloud over the fog hanging off the coast.

We captured it with a Nikon D300 and 18-200mm Nikkor at f8.0, 1/15 second and ISO 720 with -2/3 EV in Aperture Priority mode. And still we might have underexposed it a bit more.

But that's why we shoot Raw.

We remembered the deep blue layers of sky and the faint golden glow above the fog. When we pulled up the image in Adobe Camera Raw, we saw gray where the gold should have been.

All we had to do was tone down the Highlights a bit and the gold came back.

We added Clarity to sharpen up the midtones and opened the Shadows a bit before adding a little contrast. Subtle adjustments that won us over as we tweaked each slider.

We shot this in both landscape and a portrait orientation. But we liked the vertical because it sliced through the tones from the clouds to the sky to the fog to the ocean to the trees in the distance and into the foreground.

Why isn't the horizon sharp? Because the fog is sitting on the ocean, obscuring it.

As many times as we have looked out this window, we are still amazed at what we see. And we never mind dashing down to the bunker to grab a camera to capture it before it turns into something else.

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