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18 November 2015

For the first time in 35 years, the University of California at Berkeley will be offering an undergraduate degree in journalism. The new Minor in Journalism, which will first be offered in June 2016, has been developed in partnership with UC Berkeley Summer Sessions to encourage enrollment by students even if they have no plans for a career in the field.

'The minor enables students to acquire the contemporary equivalent of what literacy was in the print age.'

The program of study will offer Berkeley undergraduates and other UC system students "an intensive sequence of five 6-week courses, either in a single summer or spread across two, that will earn them a minor," according to Edward Wasserman, dead of the UC Graduate School of Journalism.

"The idea is to train them in digital communication proficiencies that will serve them in their lives and their careers, whether they're doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, bench scientists or public servants," he added. "The minor enables students to acquire the contemporary equivalent of what literacy was in the print age."

In addition to the minor for UC Berkeley students, a Journalism Certificate is also being offered non-UC Berkeley students. Students may also enroll in the courses without declaring the minor or receiving the certificate.

Veteran journalist David Thigpen, a former Time magazine correspondent and a J-200 lecturer at the Graduate School of Journalism, has led the organizing effort as acting director of undergraduate programs. Initial funding was provided by the Heising-Simons Foundation, led by alumna Liz Simons ('82).

Enrollment opens in February.

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