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2 December 2015

Now that we're deep into the holiday season, full of mirth and joy, we thought we'd sound the alarm for the Average Joe Photo Show deadline. You (amateur or pro) have only until Dec. 31 to submit your photo taken with a mobile device and featuring "a human figure" showing "a meaningful connection."

The Show, inspired by the 1955 Family of Man exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, is the brainchild of Lori Warner and Rebecca Steiner. The Lori Warner Studio/Gallery in Chester, CT displays the previous year's collection of photographs between February and March.

There's another twist to the Show, though. Each Show has a philanthropic focus.

This year the focus is Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières "whose physicians selflessly ignore borders, boundaries and prejudice to bring essential medical relief and support to people in need." Entries therefore should celebrate human connections, kindness and quality of life, according to the submission form. A portion of the proceeds goes to both the organization and the photographers.

We asked Steiner where the proceeds come from since there is no entry fee. She answered:

The "proceeds" would come from any sales of a particular photo. We have two editions for every photo submitted: a Limited Edition of 75 images at $35 and a Collector's Edition of 4 images with signed/numbered certificate from the artist at $250 a photo. In the event of a photo sale, the breakdown of selling price (after costs) is 20 percent Doctors Without Borders, 40 percent artist, 40 percent Average Joe Photo Show (in the hope of just trying to cover expenses!). Often artists choose to contribute their percentage to the philanthropic beneficiary.

Entries are eligible for long list of awards. You can see the current entries on the Show site.

But remember, Dec. 31 looms.

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