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4 December 2015

LaserSoft Imaging has released version 8.8 of SilverFast, its scanning software compatible with devices from many manufacturers. New features include SRDx to remove dust and scratches using a new approach, a new History function and an optional Hot-Folder feature.

A brief description of each new feature follows, with links to more information on the LaserSoft Imaging site:

  • Dust & Scratch Removal. SRDx improves upon LaserSoft Imaging's iSRD and ICE with new algorithms for finding defects without the use of infrared scans, which can't be performed on black and white film, Kodachrome and prints.
  • History. This new function remembers everything you've done to a scan so you can step backwards or jump back to disable individual steps.
  • Hot-Folder. Regardless of what kind of images have to be post-processed, optimized or converted into other color spaces, they can now be processed automatically by the Hot-Folder system, which also stores the originals in a special archive folder.

In addition, a new ColorServer option for SilverFast 8.8 is available for production environments and for automatic processing of large volumes of images.

The company is offering a 25 percent discount on all IT8 targets and SilverFast versions other than SilverFast SE during the introduction period.

For more information see the news release below.

The New SilverFast 8.8 Software with Next Generation Dust and Scratch Removal

KIEL, Germany -- LaserSoft Imaging has officially released SilverFast 8.8. Complete with an array of new features coupled with improved performance, LaserSoft Imaging introduces the newly developed dust and scratch removal tool, SRDx, improving upon critically acclaimed software quality and user accessibility: redefining the standard.

LaserSoft Imaging tops off its new release with the addition of a new History function and an optional Hot-Folder.

The use of software for the removal of an image's dust and scratch irregularities poses a huge challenge. When scanning transparency originals, tools like iSRD or ICE are able to aid in an image's recovery process through their utilization of a scanner's infrared channel data.

But what does one do when a scanner does not possess an infrared channel or when this technology simply cannot be used, like on black and white film, Kodachrome and prints?

In the past, a very time consuming, manual touch-up would have been the only option. However, with SilverFast's new and innovative next-generation dust and scratch removal technology, SRDx, perfect results are now acquired with ease and effortlessly obtainable by users of all skill levels. This is made possible by a completely new operating concept and the use of an array of specifically designed algorithms.

Also present is a newly developed History function, which remembers and displays every step of the editing process. Utilizing the help of preview images, this new feature enables the user to easily backtrack through a image's editing history.

An optional feature for SilverFast HDR Studio 8.8 and Archive Suite 8.8 is the all new Hot-Folder. This new feature automatically processes image data according to your image optimization specifications and parameter settings in regards to image-size and resolution. The user has only to determine the desired SilverFast optimizations for the "Input" folder or Hot-Folder. SilverFast then monitors this folder itself and whenever new image data is made available, it will be automatically processed by SilverFast according to its pre-defined parameters.

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