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10 December 2015

Affinity Photo has been updated to version 1.4 with six extensions for Apple's Photos app including Develop, Haze Removal, Liquify, Miniature, Monochrome and Retouch. Several other new features made the release, too:

  • Advanced Stitching Technology. Automatically stitch multiple images together with "one of the most advanced engines out there." Includes accurate perspective and lighting corrections.
  • Photo-Stacks. Automatically align multiple images taken of the same subject. Which lets you mix images to take the best bits from different shots.
  • Pro Print support. All the pro printing updates included in Designer 1.4 are in Photo too, including Pantone swatches, PDF/X support, crop marks and bleed.
  • Other additions. A new haze removal filter, contrast negate blend mode, split toning adjustment, Raw processing improvements, canvas rotation, perspective live filter, improved PSD handling and more.

In addition, the Affinity team announced Apple has awarded Affinity Photo the best Mac App of 2015. The announcement, made in an email, said:

We are so pleased to let you know that Apple has decided Affinity Photo is the best Mac App of! It's so humbling to receive an award like this, especially up against 1,000s of other brilliant apps -- and we don't have the words to explain how delighted we are.

This latest accolade is in no small part down to our amazing community. Your reviews on the Mac App Store and all your help and suggestions on our forums have absolutely contributed to this happening for us.

We all did this together, thank you.

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