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10 December 2015

Three years ago today we launched Photo Corners with a simple announcement. Two years ago we reflected on that decision and the days surrounding it in Anything Your Heart Desires. And last year we waxed poetic on anniversaries in Pennies From Heaven.

Both of those anniversary reflections were accompanied by tunes from Susie Arioli. A tradition we continue this year by pointing you to a YouTube video of her singing If Dreams Come True with her band.

Circa 1998. Our first digital camera review covered the several cameras, software and the underlying technology.

When we sat down at our Macintosh SE in 1998 to write our first camera review we didn't think we'd make a career of it. And when we started Photo Corners, we figured we'd be lucky to make it a year.

But as Susie sings, we're still here with you. Dreams come true. They do.

As we wrote last year, this is a double anniversary. Joyce and I have enjoyed forty years together today. So we walked a couple of miles to an old restaurant for lunch, sharing the place with a table of ten. Holiday party, we suspected.

Did they all work together? Or volunteer together? Or were they friends from the senior living complex a few blocks away? We couldn't figure it out.

We noticed the men were all wearing red tops and the women were all dressed in black. We also noticed they all had excellent posture.

At the end of the meal, we noticed the two ladies at our end of the table bend down and take their shoes off. Strange way to end a meal, we thought.

Then we saw their heels glisten in the afternoon light. They were tap shoes!

Suddenly it all made sense. They were tap dancers changing into their street shoes. They'd done a show earlier and then had lunch together.

The leader got up to see them all off. "It was a pleasure dancing with you," he told them.

We know just how he felt.

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