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12 February 2016

The full title of today's slide show should probably be A Short Stroll Along The Marina. But not only does that make too long a headline to fit our column width, it takes too long to digest. And this show is all about digestion.

Not ingestion. Digestion. Breaking down the obscure into something that makes sense. It's what we do when we walk around with a camera.

Everything, after all, is obscure. We look around and have no idea what we're looking at. We aren't seeing anything. "Didn't you see that red light?!"

We walk right by wonderful compositions.

So on this short stroll, the goal was to appreciate what lay before us. And that started right away with this view through two windows and a conference room of the marina and Mount Tamalpais in the distance.

We just couldn't resist. The faded iron window frames in the bleached sunlit wall, the darkened interior revealing the iron ceiling supports, the receding row of windows on the far wall, the blue sky, the masts as perpendicular as the window frames. A visual symphony.

Then we ran into some drying pottery that was just too funny to pass up even though we'd put the camera back in its bag. That handle, after all, is taller than the rim, so naturally some accommodation must be made.

And who could resist the coffee shop's welcome? "Hello, Beautiful Customers!"

We had a late lunch at Greens where we enjoyed a remarkable pizza of caramelized onions, olives, tomato slices and fennel.

Then we continued our stroll along the waterfront, stopping to admire the Golden Gate Bridge against the Marin headlands.

We couldn't help but take in the wooden boats in the marina. Pirate ships in their day, no doubt.

Even the ripples in the marina water, painted with reflections, intrigued us.

We could go on (and did) but you get the idea. No theme. Just walk (sit and eat, too), look and see what spectacular image is looking back at you.

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