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12 April 2016

Adobe has released Adobe Post 2.5 with Live Photos support, a Design Suggestion Wheel and a Remix Feed to create and share social graphics.

Highlights of Adobe Post 2.5 include:

  • Design and Share Live Photos : Apply beautiful designs to your creations and share them as video or Live Photos.
  • Design Suggestion Wheel: Spin the Design Wheel to match existing styles or explore new ones. The wheel learns and suggests new style combinations as you spin it.
  • Remix Feed of Fresh Designs: Get started in seconds with handcrafted templates made for social sharing. Check weekly to collect new professional designs.
  • Smart Alignment Guides: Align your text with precision using Smart Guides.
  • High-Quality Export Resolution: Support for 2560 x 2560 pixel export resolution for crisp and clear graphics for headers, slide graphics, desktop and more.

Adobe Post 2.5 is available now in the App Store.

We reviewed the original release of Adobe Post in December last year. For more information, visit the Adobe Post blog.

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