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4 May 2016

When we first wrote Copyrighter, the goal was to easily insert our copyright notice into images. Then we wanted to use it to insert other people's names into their images so we wrote Copyrighter Pro.

That worked fine, as we described in Subscriber Benefit: Copyrighter. So we offered the code to standard level subscribers and sponsors.

But any time we changed the name of the photographer, the new name was used as the default. The last used name, that is, was always the default name displayed.

As we began to more frequently tag other people's images with their copyright (because, you know, nobody does this themselves) it became a nuisance to type our own name back in. Much as we enjoy it.

New Prompt. Just asks if you want to change the default name.

So we changed the logic.

On first run, it will prompt you for a name, as it always has. On subsequent runs, it will display that name as the default. If you change the name, it will ask if you want to establish that name as the new default.

So in effect, you can switch to a different name temporarily if you decline.

We know why we would want to do that. But it isn't clear to us why an individual working with just their own images might want to do it. On the other hand, maybe you lend your camera out or archive other family member's images or in some way use more than your own images and what to keep the copyrights straight. So you too would appreciate the new flexibility.

New Report. Shows the copyright text.

We also revised the report dialog to show the actual copyright phrase used in the file. That's worth the trouble all by itself.

So we're making the update available on the same terms as the original. If you're a standard level subscriber or sponsor, just email and the reply will have the script attached.

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