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Peak Design Launches Everyday Backpack, Tote, Sling Campaign Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

13 July 2016

First there was the 15-inch Everyday Messenger Bag. Then there was the 13-inch version. And now Peak Design plans to extend the Everyday line to a backpack, tote and sling with a new Kickstarter Campaign.

Peak Design Everyday Bags. Sling, Backpacks, Tote.

We're testing the 13-inch Messenger Bag at the moment, which arrived in a unique shipping bag. Designed with the help of adventure photographer Trey Ratcliff, the messenger bags only shortcomings, we've found, is that they aren't backpacks or totes or slings.

The Everyday brand is Peak Design's way of saying that while this line functions very well for packing photo gear (and it does), you don't have to put a camera in them to take them along. You just need stuff to carry along. Any stuff.

Like the other Everyday bags, the new models promise:

  • FlexFold removable dividers to configure the inner bag layout.
  • Lots of zips, pocket and hatches to hold all sorts of things.
  • Expanding internal structures to accommodate more stuff in a pinch. The 13-inch Messenger Bag, for example, can carry a tripod in its top flap.
  • Protection with weatherproof materials and elements made from high-density compression-molded EVA and premium ultra-thick felt.
  • Custom components like latches and straps.

For more information, including pledge rewards, visit the Kickstarter Campaign.

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