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1 August 2016

We've just archived the 68 stories we published last month as Volume 5 Number 7 of Photo Corners. We delivered 19 Features (which seems like a record to us), 24 commented news items, 20 Editor's Notes (the last few of which exceed the usual number of four items each, bringing the total items of interest referenced to around 80), three reviews and two site notes.

One of the site notes, unfortunately, was about a denial of service attack on our Internet service provider. We were able to get the word out using both our RSS and Twitter feed. If you subscribe to either of those, you knew what was going on.

That went on intermittently for a three days and depressed our stats a bit but they still resemble last month's numbers. We're hoping tomorrow's full report adds a few more visits and pages.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORY (by about four times the runner-up) was iPhone Photography Award Winners Announced. In second and third places were two matinees (Walker Evans and Iron Mountain) followed by Nikon Announces 105mm f1.4 Prime Lens. And right with them was our features on Scanning Polachrome and Some Days Are Like That, an olive tree processed in Capture One 9.

We've been exploring new ways to earn income from the site but it's surprising how reluctant we are to make the trade-offs they require.

We could go on because half the stories we published last month were heavily read. Can you guess which story trailed the pack? Right, our note on the denial of service attack.

Which makes sense.

WE'VE BEEN EXPLORING new ways to earn income from the site but it's surprising how reluctant we are to make the trade-offs they require.

That's because we like how we're doing what we're doing. We don't want to do it another way.

And if you agree with us, now would be an excellent time to use one of the many current options to help support us.

WE'VE GOT PLENTY on our plate for August, finally getting to two reviews we've held up as we wrapped up our OpticFilm 135 review. That's a good example of what's different about Photo Corners.

We worked with Plustek behind the scenes to detail issues with its new scanning software and with Hamrick Software to get a version of VueScan out that supported the new hardware. When we weren't able to scan Polachrome with it, though, we worked with Plustek's technical support on the obscure problem before we were able to detail it and provide a workaround.

That all took a long time but but you won't find as thorough a review elsewhere. And if you simply rely on the reviews of people who've purchased (and returned) the scanner, you won't appreciate what it can do with VueScan.

WE ALSO MIGRATED our image processing utilities to Keyboard Maestro, which has been a real blessing around here. We've been able to replace watched folders and AppleScript droplets, all of which take their sweet time to do anything, with lightning quick keyboard cords that bring up palettes of one-key options to do the very same things.

Our ingestion code and our copyright tagging both sit on a palette that includes various shortcuts to resize images with and without various overlays. With just a press of the keyboard now, we can create the thumbnails you see on our headline page.

Those are the kinds of efficiencies we're happy to help you with, too. Some are available as Subscriber Benefits but we're also ready to customize your workflow as efficiently as our own.

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