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7 November 2016

We have always considered you a member of our Board of Directors and are grateful for your attention to how we do business here whether you've unearthed a typo or chided us for a momentary lapse into vagueness or suspected us of more egregious faults.

So we use these site notes to keep you abreast of what we're doing when what we're doing may not be entirely obvious.

Over the last few days we've changed ad servers on our headlines page. So we thought we'd explain how and where you'll see ads (as distinguished from affiliate links and banners) here:

  • The headline page ad server is Google AdSense.
  • The past headline pages (2012 through 2016) are served by Amazon and if they don't sell the space, you'll see our Subscribe ad.
  • The index page ad server is also Amazon, but there you'll see the Amazon Gift Card ad if the space hasn't been sold.
  • The index pages have an experimental B&H ad server that attempts to show you products you'll actually be interested in.

The new wrinkle in all this is Google, which we've spent the weekend fine-tuning to avoid ads we'd prefer not to associate with Photo Corners, including beauty products (you look good to us just the way you are) and political ads (not a recommended way to inform your vote).

We're not sure we caught everything in that net yet but we're working on it. So let us know if you run into anything objectionable.

And, as always, subscribers can opt out of seeing the ads on our site. So if you prefer not to see them, subscribe. Our pages will load faster, too.

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