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25 November 2016

This time of year we see some dramatic clouds form off the coast. With the sun setting directly in front of us rather than farther to the north, the show can be mesmerizing.

We were making a cup of coffee late one afternoon when we were blinded by the sunlight bouncing off the Pacific Ocean. The ocean looks metallic when that happens, sparkling brilliantly three miles away.

Look away a minute, though, and the scene changes.

Over the years, we've usually displayed just one image taken in a series from our view window. A sunset shot or a very blue sky or some imposing clouds. Our favorite from the set.

But that misses how much changes in how little time.

Our post processing was a little different this time, too.

We started this series at 4:10 p.m. and ended it at 5:06 p.m., a little short of an hour. Blink and you'll miss something.

The other thing we rarely do is crop the wide angle scene. But when you are looking at the same thing for a while, you are drawn to smaller details you want to capture.

That might be the rays of sunlight escaping through a break in the clouds. Or the gold lining of the marine layer. Or just the transition from the bright ocean surface to the soft clouds into the pastel sky.

Our post processing was a little different this time, too.

We took a look at our captures in Photo Mechanic. When we wanted to work on one, we opened it in Photoshop CC where Camera Raw popped up. We applied a few tweaks and saved them as a preset which we used as a starting point for each similar image.

One hour of one day. Imagine.

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