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10 December 2016

There's a couple of things about December 10 that make it more special to us than any other day of the year. We've mentioned them before so they are no mystery to long-time readers of Photo Corners. But we don't mind mentioning them again. Every December 10.

The first is that 41 years ago we began a life together with Joyce. We did it the old fashioned way, nothing electronic about it, no cloud stuff, no social media, no selfies. And no Likes either.

There had been Blanche at the hofbrau, though. After work, we'd get prime rib or something else hot for dinner with Joyce at the cafeteria-style restaurant whose walls were plastered with photos of San Francisco sporting legends of our childhood and sit down at one of the tables.

When we were done, Blanche would limp over to clear the plates, look us straight in the eye and sum it all up with one big, "Blooey!" Nothing impressed Blanche.

Four years ago today we launched Photo Corners with a nine paragraph announcement.

She said that about everything. It was always, "Blooey!"

And she would have said it about the other thing that's special about today. Four years ago today we launched Photo Corners with a nine paragraph announcement.

We hadn't been planning it, frankly.

We likened the problem then to the experience of suddenly running out of film. But we were too kind. The situation had simply become intolerable, seemingly by design. So we did the honorable thing and resigned the account.

We knew we could do better work. And by creating a place to do it, we were in fact able to exceed our own expectations. And, we hope, yours.

There is an affectation in the vlog world of addressing the audience as "guys," as in, "OK, guys, today I'm going to...." It's something we never say here because there is no audience. There's just you.

When we heard Susie Arioli sing When You Wish Upon a Star to end our first week publishing Photo Corners in 2012, it seemed as if there were only the two of us in the room. We took it as a blessing on our decision to launch Photo Corners and we listen to her sing it again every December 10.

It reminds us it really was the right thing to do.

And every December 10 since then we've dug up another Arioli tune for you. You can find the others in the links on the side. But this year we unearthed It's Always You for you.

Because, much as we enjoy what we're doing here, it always is you we do it for.

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