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20 February 2017

We spent a little time over the weekend tweaking our Perl script to search the over 3,235 articles on Photo Corners. We just refined how we strip HTML for lines that have only one delimiter, which happens with our rollover buttons. So that isn't really news.

But we did add the elapsed time to the method to find out exactly how long it takes to run.

We know it isn't instant, like Google or Bing, which index every word of those stories. But, as we mentioned recently, we've had to prevent Google from indexing the site for several weeks now. And while Bing does the job admirably, its index isn't immediately updated when we add new content.

Mike's Method doesn't use an index. As long as a story is on the site, Mike's Method will find it and look it over for you.

So, yeah, it opens 3,235 files every time you run it.

That does take a few seconds. But until now we didn't know how many. It turns out the longest run was 40 seconds. And the quickest was just nine.

The first run takes a while. From 20 to 40 seconds. Subsequent runs took the shortest time, just under 10 seconds. Apparently the server can cache 3,235 files.

So now you know (definitively). And you can see for yourself, too. Elapsed time is now reported at the bottom of the page.

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