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21 April 2017

Kevin Raber has announced the April 2017 winners of the Luminous Endowment Grants. The grants were established by Michael Reichmann.

Once again, Raber said, the standard of submissions was very high and the Endowment received more entries than ever before from countries around the world.


  • Michael Reichmann Grant to Johnny Miller of (South Africa) for Unequal Scenes
  • Luminous Landscape Grant to Teri Havens (USA) for Outliers
  • The Southern Exposure Grant to Paula Van Every (USA) for The Dam Birds
  • LensWork Publication Skills Grant to Arden Surdam (USA) for Hold Your Breath
  • The Mylio Grant to Anastasiia Kotelnyk (Ukraine) for Immigration Dream
  • The Greater China Grant to Angela Wan (USA) for Bridging the Chinese Diaspora and Greater China
  • A.J. Zelina Emerging Young Photographer Grant (No award for this period)
  • The Explore Armenia Grant to Sugato Mukherjee (India) for A Passage To Armenia
  • DxO One Grant to Christina Simons (Australia) for Central American Refugee Crisis

For more information visit the Luminous Landscape.

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