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5 June 2017

Phase One has announced several free webinars in June covering the features of Capture One Pro 10, its image editing software.

  • Catalog vs Sessions -- Which Is Best? Capture One offers two options for file/image management. Catalogs provide a broad overview of your work with powerful ways to organize and search. Sessions in Capture One is optimized for tethered capture or individual projects.
  • Optimizing Export With Process Recipes. You need to deliver on a tight deadline, first watermarked proof images and then the final TIFFs and JPEGs all organized into their own folders and renamed as necessary. Learn how Capture One can automate the heavy lifting for you.
  • Complete Black & White Adjustment. Capture One provides you with powerful tools to make dramatic black-and-white Conversions without the need for Photoshop or plug-ins.
  • Starting With Capture One Pro (For Sony). Learn how to get started in Capture One, especially if you have tried Capture One Express already or simply want to get the best out of your Sony camera. The webinar covers importing images into Capture One plus a basic workflow of editing and exporting.

See the links for more details and to register. Registration is required for each webinar and virtual seating is limited.

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