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Happy Halloween

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31 October 2017

Occasionally the target of the nasty things, we have no love for black birds, crows, ravens or whatever you want to call them. So when we saw them settle on a neighbor's house during their annual Halloween migration here, we decided to shoot them.

We got a row of them in just one shot. When we blew the dust off our lens, we got another row of them along the side of the building. There's a new sheriff in town. For Halloween.

A new taxidermist, too.

What you see above, of course, is not how things appeared. Our capture has been significantly enhanced.

When it comes to significantly enhancing things, we don't resort to presets. We resort, as we did last year, to Alien Skin's Exposure. When, if not at Halloween, can you profit more from alien skin?

We've always admired the creative options that tend to be overdone in other applications. Here we added a dark frame, a light effect of tree rays matching the shadow the birds cast on the building and a little scratching to show what hazards we survived to bring this rare shot home to you.

In the end a mere holiday decoration was imbued with darkness and horror. Well, darkness at least.

Now to find the new ornithologist in town to find out what these things are called. Anyone dress up as an ornithologist this year?

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