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Phase One Updates Styles Packs For Capture One 11 Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

20 December 2017

Phase One has updated all of its Capture One Styles Packs to work with the new engine in Capture One 11. They also remain backwards compatible with Capture One 10.

The complete set of Styles Packs includes Film, Spectrum, Cinematic, Seasonal, Black and White, Matte and Essentials.

The Styles have been tweaked with all Basic Color Edits moved to the Advanced Color Editor, effectively enabling them to work on layers, Phase One said.

Black and White, Film Grain and Vignetting, however, do not work on layers. Styles with any of these settings will either not be available on layers or partly applied. A notification will confirm the behavior.

Slight tweaks to the visual change matching the Styles on the 10 engine have also been made where applicable, the company said.

Owners of previous Styles Packs can download the updated version free of charge directly from your Order History after logging in to My Pages.

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