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1 January 2018

What better way to start the new year than to announce we've archived Volume 6 Number 12 of Photo Corners. It was an edition unusually rich with features.

In fact, we count 23 Features, 17 commented news items, 22 Editor's Notes (including at least 110 items of interest in our Around the Horn articles) and two Site Notes (there's always at least one).

By our count that's 64 stories (we checked twice), an interesting decline from a year ago. We made up for the lack of news with more features but it was a quieter month than it used to be.

Astute readers will notice we didn't publish a single review in December. We had three planned but glitches arose in each of them. So we did the prudent thing and held them back for more testing.

READERSHIP remains strong with more visits from more unique sites than last month despite 17 fewer stories. We served over 653,000 pages last month as we posted those 64 stories, a page being roughly equivalent to a story.

OUR TOP STORIES were both matinees followed by features with a news story of three tossed in. Here's the list:

Matinee: 'Singing Men of Ohio'
Matinee: George Lambert
A Smoky Sunset Miles Away
Friday Slide Show: Autumn Afternoon Light
Kodak Adds Mini Shot Instant Camera With LCD
Fiat Lux
Taking The Calla Lily Cure
Free Android App Looparoid Creates Photo Stories
Meyer Optik Develops Primoplan 75/1.9
Matinee: 'Albert Heijn Christmas 2017'

That's quite a variety. But it's also heavily weighted toward the first half of the month. We find that not everyone drops by every day but they tend to catch up when they do. There's always a surge in readership of last month's stories in the beginning of the current month. So the count can't be considered conclusive at this point.

WE WANT TO AGAIN THANK those of you who use our affiliate links to order. We earn a (very small) commission from that, which is plowed right back into Photo Corners. That and your subscriptions support our efforts here.

And if you think a subscription is merely a donation, think again. One subscriber who took us up on our free technical support deal recently wrote:

I never thought my request would generate so much work for you! Makes the subscription price look like a very good value indeed. I can not think of anywhere else where I could have got this worked out so quickly and efficiently, you are a genius.

We don't badger you for support because we don't like being badgered for support ourselves. Do unto others, in short. But that doesn't mean we don't need your support or that we aren't grateful for it. If you only knew.

We simply trust that if we've provided a useful service to you, you'll find a way to express your appreciation. Our support page describes a variety of them. And your dollar here looms bigger than elsewhere simply because we get less of them.

So thank you -- and Happy New Year!

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